The Friday Golf Group (TFGG) Homepage

Welcome to The Friday Golf Group (TFGG) Web Page.  The purpose of this site is to provide information that will be of use to members of the Friday Golf Group.  There are currently 2 sub-pages to this Homepage:
  • Calendar & Weather - Currently links to 2 weather sites and one pdf document.  The pdf comprises the current TFGG Diary and will usually be updated on a weekly basis. 
    • The optional second pdf page provides detail on who intends to play on the coming Friday.  This latter page if posted - will be placed on the site on Thursday afternoon/evening and will be removed after Friday's round.
    • Note:this page also offers links to the local BBC Weather Forecast and/or Meteo Radar Forecast Weather.
  • Reductions & Rules: This page has at least 3 attachments in portable document format (pdf):
    • Rules - this page is currently under review.
    • Reductions - amended weekly to show the current reductions state.
    • Leaderboard - amended as required after players have returned a minimum of 12 cards for the year.
    • Additional (optional) pdf documents as required.

7th November 2014 - 16:42